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Our Background

Amani Africa is a consulting agency founded in 2016 and registered in Kenya by a group of alumni from Hekima University College with the aim of contributing to the peacebuilding process in Africa. The idea of forming Amani Africa emerged during a meeting that brought the alumni from Hekima University College, who are all holders of Masters Degrees in Peace Studies and International Relations. The alumni have a great interest in contemporary conflict and peace issues in Africa and beyond.

The issues taking place at the moment of the meeting held in December 2015, and especially the violence in Burundi and South Sudan as well as other numerous active violent conflicts across the continent led the group into the idea of starting an initiative through which they can harness their abilities and resources for a positive impact on peace processes in the continent. Given the urgency to do something about the worsening situation in Burundi, the group immediately established a social media platform namely “Friends of United Africa” both on Facebook and Twitter. Through the Friends of Africa platform, the group mobilized an online community calling for immediate action to end the violence and avert a genocide.

Some of the positive responses witnessed around this time include the sending of a delegation on Burundi to the AU by the UNSG on December 17, 2015, hosting of the intra-Burundi dialogue by Uganda on December 28, 2015 and a Burundi crisis meeting to commence talks in Tanzania on January 6, 2016. This win was symbolic as it tore the curtain of divide, confinement and secrecy (where such issues were a reserve of heads of state, dignitaries, special delegations and missions). It is this initiative and lessons that reinvigorated and birthed Amani Africa. Amani Africa is confident that ongoing high quality conflict analysis, cutting edge peace research, availing of information on the status of peace processes and creation of a trans-African network of friendship through which all people, and especially women and the youth take active part in peacebuilding are significant aspects in transforming Africa to stable peace. Amani Africa brings together a group of distinguished personalities with a wealth of experience on conflict and peace trends in the continent. Based on ongoing conflict analysis and peace research, Amani Africa consults for and advises non-governmental organizations, governments and regional bodies on peace and related themes.


Increased use of research and expert advice for Africa.


Contributing to a peaceful African society through cutting-edge research and peace policy advice.


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  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Visionary
  • African-led peace
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Team Members

Beatrice Muringi Githaiga

Beatrice is currently the Deputy Public Relations Manager at Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority (TARDA), a state corporation that functions under the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. She has worked in TARDA for [...]

Nestor Bigirindavyi

Nestor Bigirindavyi is a Lawyer Advocate and holds a MA Degree in Peace Studies and International Relations. He is skilled in contract negotiation and minimizing legal risk through negotiation and vetting. He possesses a [...]

Emmanuel M. Mulu

Emmanuel Mulu is a Catholic Priest with a passion in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism. Fr. Mulu holds a Masters of Arts in Peace Studies and International Relations from the Catholic University of Eastern [...]

Wirkwajie Eugine Wirba

Eugine is a lecturer at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. He is also a peacebuilding practitioner with 10- year-experience at grassroots Organizations in Cameroon, Uganda and Kenya. He is a trained facilitator, a [...]

Ibrahim Sakawa Magara

He is a career peace-builder with many years of practical work experience both in the academia and practice. He holds a Master of Arts degree in peace studies and international relations from Hekima University [...]

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